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Monday, October 23, 2006

I've opened a lot of topics, haven't I?

Realizing that I have introduced a number of topics that I need to follow up on, I thought that creating a list of them would help me focus my posts over the next few weeks. Yep, you guessed it, I'm a list maker... Ok here it goes:
  1. Networth goals (For 2006 and overall) -- I realize that I have never spelled out my goals on this forum. I certainly have them, so I should probably spend some time talking through them and soliciting feedback.
  2. -- I've started playing around with this and will do my best to keep you updated on what I do, what I think of it and ultimately whether or not I'll continue with it.
  3. Career update -- I briefly discussed this, but need to follow up. Many changes have happened over the past several weeks, and all of them too quickly to really blog about.
  4. Early Retirement Forum learnings -- I will need to collect my thoughts on this one to provide my insights. Expect something over the next few weeks.
Any other threads or ideas I've raised that you would like me to follow-up on? Let me know. ...And as always, I encourage your comments and feedback.



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