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Saturday, October 14, 2006

September networth and mid-October update

retirement optimismOptimism is high -- nothing but sky up there.

Ok, I didn't exactly detail out what happened in September, so I'll spend a little time discussing it now and then move to a mid-month update for October.

September was a particularly good month for me, as it was for many others, I suspect. Net-net, my net worth was up 4.9% or +$22496.

Other highlights that helped bump up the net worth included:
  1. I accelerated my 401(k) contributions to reach my $15k limit as early as possible
  2. I recieved a 10% bonus and a 5% raise (yes, I am lucky to get this -- raises seem low these days). The bonus went directly into my brokerage account and will be deployed over time.
  3. I had a block of employee stock purchase shares deposited (about $6k worth)
  4. Overall market appreciation made up the rest.
I guess the message for September was: any money coming in got saved.


October has been quite good to me, as I suspect it has been for others as well. The market has been on fire and I'm lucky to be reaping some of the rewards. Here is a rundown of happenings to date:
  1. I finally finished funding my 401(k) up to the $15k limit. From here on out, funds that would have wound up in my 401(k) will be redirected to pay down my mortgage. (I'll give the numbers at the end of the month update)
  2. I never try to time the market like this, but I made a short term investment move in my 401(k) in July to buy my significantly undervalued company stock and finally sold it off this week for a near 26% return / $10k profit. I'm holding the proceeds in cash, but suffice it to say that my 401(k) performance to date with this move is hovering around 17%. I'm unbelievably happy with that.
  3. Overall investment returns have been around 4% (+$17449) at the halfway point, which is great, but with any market pause, I'm sure I will pare those gains.
Looking forward to the end of the month -- Lets hold these gains!



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