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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Home value tracking

I have been a fan of for some time and I used the service to help in selling my house earlier this year. One complaint I've always had is that I wanted to be able to update the horribly wrong details of my home as maintained by the county. It was a 100 year old home that had been remodeled several times and the value was close, but not close enough (about 18% off). Now, every home owner with a home listed on can update the details of their home and come up with an "owner valuation". This is GREAT. Check out the details here.

In the context of retirement and trying to get there early, it's obviously beneficial to understand where your real estate holding(s) fit into the overall picture. Should you sell, downsize and pocket the cash, or should you hold and reverse mortgage if you get into trouble 40 years from now? Who knows, but at least you'll have the data to make a better decision.



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