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Monday, November 13, 2006


MoonWell, I promised an update on my career issues from a month or two back, so here it is. I have done a considerable amount of work looking at a number of different options, and as the post title suggests, I settled on something that may be gaining momentum in the workplace: Moonlighting.

I've interviewed both within my existing company and outside the company, and have also evaluated a number of new ventures that are just starting up. What I found was that I was most energized by the idea of joining a brand new venture. I wasn't, however, willing to take the risk of leaving my day job in case the new venture didn't work out. Enter moonlighting.

As much as I want to spill the beans on the new venture, unfortunately I cannot say much, other than the fact that I'm really excited about it. It is in a field that I am uniquely positioned to contribute, so assuming we execute flawlessly, we should be in a good position to succeed.

As the new venture gets off the ground, I am sure I'll have questions and will be posting them here in hopes of learning from others' experiences. Sorry for the vague update, but I'm sure you understand.

Anyone else out there doing any moonlighting?


  • At 11/16/2006 8:01 AM, Anonymous finance girl said…

    Wow, congratulations on being so resourceful! And it sounds like the moonlighting gig is one that will also be somewhat interesting, as it something in your current field.

    The closest to moonlighting we do is managing our rental house, which is imo like it's own little business.


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